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Laptop Museum – Your Reliable Laptop Service Center
Laptop Museum welcomes you to the world of quality repair services for your laptop computers and notebooks. In the recent era of techno-commercial hype,

we are highly pleased to provide you with quality assurance of 100% guarantee in chip level.

Bringing universal solution to the simple or complex problems related to any sort of brand or model

is the ultimate satisfaction of the organization.

Motherboard Fault
LCD Replacement
No Power on
No Power on with battery
No Power on with adapter
Power on but no display
Power on but no booting
Power on and immediate shutdown
Faint Display
Colored Display
White Display
Display Flicker
Multiple Display
Patch on LCD
Keyboard or Touch pad problem
Improper Shutdown

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# Security Access Control System
# Stand Aone DVR
# DVR Camera
# DTZ DOM Camera
# Night Vission Camera
# TR / DOM Box / Mini Spy Camera
# Pen Spy Camera

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 Laptop Museum
We provide spot repairing service in front of your eyes (Excluding some critical cases).
We buy broken laptops for cash.
24X7 Service in our workshop.
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Laptop Museum is always going to be your complete laptop repair service provider. Along with the core benefits of availing our services, your quality hunt for premiere level technical solutions will result in positive side-effects after choosing us. We prefer to go beyond the normal range of repair services provided by any laptop repair center Our service engineers bring simple to complex repair solutions with 100% after services quality assurance Problems which apparently seems impossible to resolve is the primary target of our engineers Spot repairing service in front of a client is going to be added advantage (Excluding some critical cases) Your broken laptops can easily be sold and be sure – we are ready to purchase them .     More..

Laptop Museum

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Quality Assurance
Your precious possession is our responsibility and we know how to repair, preserve and maintain. Being an expensive gadget, your laptop is worked on with extreme care. We are extremely careful in our cleaning services too. Generally we make sure the cloth for wiping is very soft, and has no spots or expressions. It is better to be extremely careful as these may scratch the screen. Along with that, the wiping matter must be clean and lint-free, so that it doesn’t leave fibers on the screen, and make the display unclear.