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In order to stay tuned with the highest standard of services to satisfy the clients, it is imperative to receive a genuine feedback from them. Laptop Museum is always ready to handle quality suggestions from their clients whether it is any critical appraisal or grievance – we would urge our quality-conscious clients to provide them always in order to stay in the track for a considerable period of time.

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What Clients Says About Us

It is our pleasure to put in our website all those quality feedback and testimonials that we have received while providing professional laptop repair services in Dhaka Bangladesh. From the entire team of Laptop Museum Laptop Repair Center, we would like to share our gratitude and warm regards for the time and effort from all of you to craft out these valuable feedback in the form of client testimonials:


Mehede Hassan
Amazing Company, reliable service. They had qualified engineers, who repaired my laptop at my home. These boys will go very far in life. I'll recommend everyone, that using their service is beneficial both for time effort and money.
Shohel Rana
Hi, my name is Shohel Rana. I am an employee of private Sector Company. I have an ACER (TRAVELMATE) laptop. But last week it was raining heavily when I had left my Laptop in my car. I also forgot to close the windows of the car. After a few minute I found it in a deep trouble. I brought it home and then make a call to Laptop Museum. They advised me to disconnect the battery as soon as possible. The next day the engineer came and services it properly and it starts working. I am satisfied enough. So you people, who are in the same problem, do the same. It really works.
Mr. Mithun
I have a laptop of dell vostro 1211. A few days ago my laptop restart frequently. It was a big problem for me. I had contact with Laptop Museum. They provided me a home service. They had taken three days to repair it totally. I never notice the same problem till now. Thank you Laptop Museum.
Mr. Shamsur Rahman
I have a Lenovo laptop, which I brought few years ago. but last week it had fallen from my bed. I went to many laptop center but no one could gave me a better solution. Then I consult with Laptop Museum. They made my computer as before. Thanks to Laptop Museum. They are not from the group of tall talkers.
Ms. A. Y. Chowdhury
My HP laptop had a problem. It did not read any CD or DVD. The HP service centre suggests me to change the DVD Writer first. But Laptop Museum changed a cable and it starts working again. They do it for me in a very reasonable cost. I must give thanks to them.
Mrs. Payel Rahman
I have a lenovo laptop. Its model number is Y 500. It is a gift of my Husband. I had maintained it enough. But last week it stops working totally. This made me so sad.Then I consult with Laptop Museum. They repair my laptop so well that I do not get any trouble from it any more till now.
Mr. Mamoonor Rafique
I am pleased with the behavior of the employees of Laptop Museum. They are not only good in their work, as well as in their manners. They are a little bit different from the others two service centers I had dialed with before.
Dr. Alamgir Kabir
I had brought a Pre used Laptop made by Compaq from my neighbour. It had already a lot of problem in its hardware as well as in its software settings. It is Laptop Museum who gave me a perfect solution. They made it with a great perfection. I am thankful to them and quite well satisfied.
Dr. Shamsul Alamin
I have a Compaq laptop which I usually using very roughly. But suddenly its display had gone. I had taken it to a service center where they considered it as not repairable. I had nothing to do but to consult with Laptop Museum. I had taken it to there service centre and after a few days they made it as well as before.
Kabir Ahmed
My name is Ravi Chandra I had a Dell D840 with Broken LCD. Laptop Museum has repaired my Laptop in front of me in a flash. I really recommend them as the best Laptop Service Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Ahmed Jubair
I am having Lenovo Y500 which felt from my hand and faced a major problem. I rushed to Laptop Museum with my Laptop. They inspected my Laptop in front and have repaired it completely. You are really the best Laptop service center in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Jayee Omar
I went to several Laptop Service Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh with my IBM T40 which needed some Chip Level Repairing. Laptop Museum’s engineers have taken care of those and have delivered my Laptop in a fresh working condition. Thanks Laptop Museum.
Rubel Ahmed
My HCL P28 had a Broken LCD after it felt from my hand I went to the Authorize service center but was of no use. Laptop Museum Laptop Service Center have repaired it properly Thanks
Imranul Haque
I had a problem with my Toshiba Laptop which is 10 years old every Laptop Service Center have denied for servicing. But Laptop Museum have repaired it within two days. I really thank the whole team and wish them the best of luck in future.
Noor Ahmed
My IBM laptop keypad was not working properly. I went up to Laptop Museum, they have totally repaired it in front of me and that also very fast. They are really the Best Laptop Service Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh.